Sammie - One Way Street

Artist: Sammie

Producer: Adonis

Album: TBD

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If you’re an unsigned artist slipping into the time of your life when “unsigned” takes on the connotation of “unemployed”, don’t read the rest of this sentence: Sammie signed a record deal before he even hit puberty. When he was only twelve years old, he was snatched up by hitmaker Dallas Austin and put to work on a debut album that would eventually go gold. 12 years and a GED later, the Tampa singer is back. His new single, One Way Street, showcases a much-matured Sammie. The first thing you’ll notice is that his voice has dropped about an octave. His lyrics have also grown up, as he is now old enough to sing about whatever he chooses. In this case, it’s vague street metaphors. No announcements have been made regarding his next album.


Written by on 08/20/08

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StarCamp Ent./The Bar Music Group

First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Kiss Me Thru The Phone ft. Sammie" (2008)

Total DJ Booth Features:
5 Songs / 1 Albums


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