S-Preme - Test Your Might

Artist: S-Preme

Producer: Charles Hamilton

Album: The Lupe.End Blog Presents: The Amajanese Takeover

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An up-and-coming MC from Chicago, S-Preme has joined forces with several of the Booth’s favorite artists to pioneer a brand-new sound.  This new musical school is known as the “Amajanese” (a portmanteau of American and Japanese) movement, and serves as the theme of the LupEND blog’s recently-released The Amajanese Takeover mixtape.  Ready to break into the hip-hop landscape, Preme asks all MCs who think they can stand a chance against him to “Test Your Might.”  The undeniable highlight here comes courtesy of Charles Hamilton; a known video game fanatic, Hamilton incorporates a sample of the Mortal Kombat theme into the his beat, providing the perfect accompaniment to S-Preme’s lyrical muscle-flexing.  The end result is a pure Booth behemoth—Test Your Might is a strong contender for the #1 spot on our Underground Chart, and should whet Booth readers’ appetites for more from S-Preme in the months ahead.


Written by on 04/22/09

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