Rye Rye - After Party

Artist: Rye Rye

Producer: Debonair Samir

Album: RYEde or Die

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For Rye Rye, rocking the stage is just the prelude to the revelry to follow. On a new mixtape single, her first solo Booth feature, the Baltimore representative lets listeners know that she’s always down to wild out into the early-AM: “F**k a rich b*tch, I ain’t got a Ferrari / but I j-jam at the After Party.” Featuring the artist’s rapid-fire, studio-tweaked flows and a compulsively danceable beat by Debonair Sami this joint is guaranteed to meet an explosive reception when performed live. But enough out of me: are you feeling it? Those who answer to the affirmative can expect more bangers on forthcoming street album RYEde or Die. The project currently lacks a drop date, but we’ll keep you supplied with further details and song releases as they emerge.

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Written by on 03/6/13

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First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Jello" (2011)

Total DJ Booth Features:
2 Songs

Rye Rye


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