Roscoe Umali - U Girl

Artist: Roscoe Umali

Producer: Avila Brothers

Album: DJ Warrior & Julian Ramirez Present: I Love MY DJs (Vol. 2)

Avg Rating: 21021 2.9 ( 26 votes )


At the risk of sounding creepy, I bet Roscoe Umali gives great hugs. C’mon, don’t play like you’ve never thought of it before. Everything from his giant teddy bear stature to his comically low voice screams “nice guy”, and his catalogue of lighthearted, radio-friendly songs only add to the picture. His newest single, U Girl, fits the Roscoe bill perfectly. The track opens with some playful high-pitched synths and takes off from there, as the LA rapper spits some flirtatious rhymes about said girl, keeping his lyrics casual enough for some easy commercial appeal. The Grammy-winning Avila Brothers add a bit of bounce to the track with their lively beat. U Girl will appear on a mixtape called DJ Warrior and Julian Ramirez Present: I Love MY DJs (Vol. 2), out Sep 12.

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Written by on Aug 13, 2008

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