Rockboy K9 ft. BJ The Chicago Kid & Ashley Washington - Wild Horses

Artist: Rockboy K9

Producer: Rockboy K9

Album: 187 EP

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If pictures are worth a thousand words, Rockboy K9 has masterfully captured the emotions and background story of his life portrait in four minutes on his latest single Wild Horses. As the multi-talented, rapper and producer confesses the stress he’s feeling from the Catch-22 circumstances he’s stuck in, fellow Chicago natives BJ The Chicago Kid and Ashley Washington share individual roadblocks that weigh heavily on their mind. In each story, the occasional breaks in the emotionally dense production underscore the power of outside factors that limit each from fully achieving their respective interpretations of the American Dream; the right relationship, an escape from the streets, a happy family. Wild Horses will be found on Rockboy’s 187 EP, which drops this June.

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Written by on Apr 18, 2014

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