Rock City ft. Vawn - In The Dancehall

Artist: Rock City

Featuring: Vawn

Producer: The Hipnotiks

Album: Wake The Neighbors

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If you frequent the same club or dancehall every weekend, there is a good chance that you’ll see the same crowd of people.  After a while, faces become familiar, and before you know it, you’ve subconsciously learned what everyone’s favorites song is.  On the new Rock City song, In The Dancehall, brothers Da Spokesman and Don’t Talk Much, with assistance from Def Jam sensation Vawn, explain that when you spot the right person, the art of remembering ‘that’ song will certainly help you (wink wink).  The song has a similar feel to Usher’s Love In This Club, with production duo The Hipnotiks adding some Caribbean sauce on top.  R. City’s debut album, Wake The Neighbors, has a planned ’08 release.

Rock CityVawn Club

Written by on Mar 31, 2008

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