Ro Blvd - Great Going Good

Artist: Ro Blvd

Featuring: Thurz

Producer: Ro Blvd

Album: Heart Pounding Panic

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If you were to walk up to Ro Blvd right now and ask, “How’s it going?”, he’d answer you without hesitation, “Great Going Good!” Which doesn’t actually make much sense—but you wouldn’t correct his grammar, because it would be a shame to ruin his fantastic mood. The Cali beatsmith’s first Booth feature finds him joining forces with a frequent collaborator: Thurz, an alumnus of Booth-acclaimed duo U-N-I. Over Ro’s melodious piano chords and lumbering synth-bass rhythm section, the SoCal underground mainstay delivers endlessly unfurling reams of free-associative braggadocio: “I guess I’m Right Said Fred / No debt, can’t be in the red / It’s all for the profit, dough in the pocket, flow I rock it cock it / Your ears and hearts we lock it, that Bobby Brown for your auntie, your mama…” (Had to stop somewhere, but he goes on, believe me). So, how’s your day going? If your answer is “Great, after listening to this song,” then you won’t want to miss Ro’s Heart Pounding Panic LP when it hits the ‘net in January. In the meantime those who haven’t already should check out Thurz’ Booth-hosted L.A. Riot album, produced in large part by Ro Blvd and still available for free download for a limited-time.

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Written by on 10/6/11

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First DJ Booth Appearance:
"We Up (Ro Blvd Remix)" (2012)

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1 Songs

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