Rilgood - Ghost in the Machine

Artist: Rilgood

Producer: Woodrow Skillson

Album: Kingdom

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It’s cliché, but true: the fate of the world depends on the choices made by the children coming up today. On new single Ghost in the Machine, Rilgood takes time out to address young people from his native Nigeria all the way to his current city of residence, Brooklyn. Backed by the pensive, downtempo production of Headbanger Music‘s Woodrow Skillson, the unsigned spitter urges listeners to get out there and make a positive change, rather than whiling their lives away in bed. In regard to his peers in the rap game, he cautions, “Don’t follow these rappers, all of them are lyin’ / Claimin’ that they lions, claimin’ that they wolves / When they’re really sheep…Sean Phazes directs the accompanying visuals. For Ghost and much more, check out Rilgood’s Kingdom LP, released via The DJBooth in October of 2013.

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Written by on Feb 19, 2014

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