Rich Kid Sound System - Talk About Us

Artist: Rich Kid Sound System

Producer: W0LFC0AT

Album: Death of a Frat Rapper

Avg Rating: 32121 3.1 ( 9 votes )



Blending various elements to see if they mesh together can result in either something glorious or a complete disaster (who remembers Crystal Pepsi?). Today, inside our DJBooth, we’ll let our readers choose which of these two options Rich Kid Sound System have chosen. This past summer, the ensemble dropped off A Little Bit of Time and the single was met with mixed reviews. Some loved it, some hated it; however, it made you feel, and so they landed another feature with Talk About Us, a new single off their upcoming project Death of a Frat Rapper. Produced by RKSS member W0LFC0AT a.k.a Leo (who also handles the chorus), Talk About Us is an uptempo and quirky smash with “pop” potential written all over it while still maintaining an urban feel.  RKSS member Q handles the mellow verses that contrast the infectious hook and just as catchy bridge. With spring having landed and summer approaching, RKSS’s buzz should be warming up with the weather. So put on your shades, press play, grab your favorite drink (mine being a Kool-Aid Jammer) and relax as you (hopefully) enjoy some well-blended music.

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Written by Ivan Ibarra on 03/31/11

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