Rich Jones ft. Troy Boy & Sulaiman - How I Live

Artist: Rich Jones

Featuring: Sulaiman

Producer: Danimal Tha Choppa

Album: Rich and Danimal Make a Mixtape: Indian Summer

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If hip-hop were to form a Better Business Bureau-style organization to ensure a standard of realness in rhymes, how many rap albums do you think would qualify for that coveted seal of 100% authenticity? Yeah, not so many. Rich Jones, however, sees himself as one of the elite few who do, indeed, keep it real 24/7. On new single How I Live, the Chi-town repper assures us of his personal commitment to factuality, spitting, “How I Live is how I live, how I eat is how I eat / Ain’t nothing counterfeit…” Joining the headliner over project collaborator Danimal Tha Choppa‘s hazy street boardwork, frequent Chris Mathien collaborator Sulaiman and Booth newcomer Troy Boy cosign the headliner’s pledge to keep it one-hundred on the guest tip. For more dope rhymes with no artificial flavoring, check out Rich and Danimal Make a Mixtape: Indian Summer when it arrives on the ‘net in September.

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Written by on Aug 24, 2012

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