Rhymefest & Skyzoo - Crack the Code

Artist: Rhymefest

Featuring: Skyzoo

Producer: K-Salaam & Beatnick

Album: RubyHornet.com Presents: Closed Sessions Vol. 1

Avg Rating: 32121 3.1 ( 14 votes )


Dope hip-hop lyricism can be like an old book that the new generation likes to keep on the shelf; substituting quality for something more commercial and easy to understand. Luckily, veteran emcees like Rhymefest and Skyzoo are able to dust that book off and remind rap lovers that classic lyrics are timeless. Crack the Code has both rhymers going bar-for-bar over a hard-hitting electro guitar beat brewed by K-Salaam and Beatnick. The song plays like a hip hop Tale of Two Cities as Sky and Fest spit about each others’ cities with great chemistry and masterful wordplay. Skyzoo is especially brilliant as he delivers two of his best verses and even pays a quick homage to Chicago by rapping a couple rapid-fire lines a la the Windy City’s Twista. If you’re digging Crack the Code and want to hear more emcees steeped in classic lyricism, check out the Closed Sessions Vol. 1 mixtape, presented by Ruby Hornet and available on their website March 2.

Download Crack the Code at RefinedHype.com!


Written by on Feb 24, 2010

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