Red Cafe ft. Sean Kingston & Ross Fortune - On Da Block

Artist: Red Cafe

Featuring: Sean Kingston

Producer: J.R. Rotem

Album: Eviction Notice Mixtape

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How is rapper Red Café able to do so much Paper Touchin’, you ask?  Evidently, it’s because he can be found On Da Block hustlin’ every day and night.  Yes, it’s cliché, and yes, it’s exactly what we’ve heard from Rick Ross, Young Hot Rod, B.G., Huey and countless other artists.  But as long as it’s true, who are we to criticize?  After all, DJBooth isn’t about the hate!  Joining Café on this new track from his Eviction Notice mixtape (available online today) are currently-trendy hook singer, Sean Kingston, and fellow Brooklyn native and Shakedown artist, Ross Fortune.  Pitching in the production work is super-producer, J.R. Rotem, whose talents might be called on again when Red drops his long-awaited solo debut, Da Shakedown, later this year.

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Written by on Jun 30, 2008

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