Rashid Hadee ft. JV - Skywriter

Artist: Rashid Hadee

Producer: Xtreme

Album: Hadee to the Xtreme EP

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Radshid Hadee isn’t just looking to eke out a living in the rap game; on the contrary, the Windy City representative isn’t going to step off his hustle till he’s written his name across the sky. On Skywriter, the inaugural release off his next digital project, project collaborator Xtreme‘s suitably exhilarating sample work sets the mood as Hadee expresses his towering ambition in understated, yet determination-drenched verses. JV lends his vocals to the hook. For more, check out the emcee-producer duo’s GowhereHipHop-sponsored Hadee to the Xtreme EP, slated for free release in the near future.

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Written by on Jun 06, 2012

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