Rahsaan - Sneaker Store Terrorist

Artist: Rahsaan

Producer: Needlz

Album: Fly-Paper

Avg Rating: 21021 2.3 ( 21 votes )


Born and raised in Brooklyn, but currently living in Miami, rapper Rahsaan has found himself a seat on a therapist’s couch for his debut single.  What might his problem be?  The 28-year-old has an impulse to buy all the freshest and most expensive shoes (sometimes right after he’s just purchased a different pair), hence the title of his new record, Sneaker Store Terrorist.  In search of some strong production accompaniment, Rashaan has hooked up with highly-regarded East Coast producer, Needlz, who delivers with a club and street-appropriate beat.  Look for Sneaker Store Terrorist to add some much-needed freshness to an industry already run by product anthems.


Written by on 06/16/08

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"Chill" (2010)

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