Rabbi Darkside - True Lies

Artist: Rabbi Darkside

Producer: Da Beatminerz

Album: Prospect Avenue

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Realness, thy name is Rabbi Darkside. On new single True Lies, his first DJBooth feature, the Brooklyn-based rapper, DJ and hip-hop educator (who, in the interest of keeping it real, is not an actual rabbi) shares a few factoids about himself, as well as some pearls of wisdom he’s accumulated over the years. Among the many topics he touches on over Da Beatminerz’ leisurely, organ-driven boardwork, the artist opines on a subject near and dear to our readers’ hearts: “Never ever ever trust a DJ who can’t cut and scratch / What the f**k’s up with that?” For more lyrical life lessons, along with plenty of dope underground beats, check out Darkside’s Prospect Ave. LP when it hits record stores and online retailers June 18, via Say Word Entertainment.

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Written by on 05/23/13

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"See Something Say Something" (2013)

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Rabbi Darkside


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