PropaneLv - Fallen

Artist: Michael Zoah

Producer: D.Shuts

Album: Varsity Blues

Avg Rating: 43210 4.3 ( 3 votes )



It’s only been a few listens, but I can safely say that I have Fallen in love with this new cut from PropaneLv. You might think I am speaking too soon, but simply take a listen and you’ll start to see things from my point of view. Project collaborator D.Shuts sets the mood, creating a shrouded, velvety beat that seems to engulf you in its cloudiness. PropaneLv, however, cuts right through the fog with his crisp, distinct flow. While you might think the dynamic between his cutting flow and the wavy beat would be too much, Propane bridges the gap with some soft-spoken, smooth crooning on the hook. If you have indeed Fallen head over heels for this record, be sure to grab the artist’s Varsity Blues LP, available now on iTunes.

Michael Zoah Indie

Written by on Oct 02, 2013

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