ProHoeZak - Superman

Artist: ProHoeZak

Producer: ProHoeZakk

Album: Promo Single

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“Look, up in the club!  It’s a pimp-rapper!  It’s an autotune fiend!” Wait, no; it’s actually newcomer ProHoeZak.  Faster than a speeding Lamborghini, the East Palo Alto, California native is ready to dominate the indie game with his brand new single.  With swagger more powerful than a Hummer truck and the ability to leap player-haters in a single bound, PHZ is feeling like he’s Superman these days.  While we’re all pretty sure that Superman never, ever used the Auto-Tune, ProHoeZak could certainly be considered a man of steel when it comes to electronic-beeping beats.  Standing for truth, justice, and the ‘Stunnas’ Way,’ it is clear he knows what is popular in today’s music scene.  But is he too late…?

ProHoeZak Club

Written by on 11/5/08

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Team Pro Inc./Pocket Aces Ent/EMS Group

First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Superman (Remix) ft. E-40" (2009)

Total DJ Booth Features:
2 Songs



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