Pulled Over By the Cops - Authority

Artist: Pulled Over By the Cops

Featuring: The Cool Kids, Freddie Gibbs, King Chip

Producer: Blended Babies

Album: TBD

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When the meeting between Chip Tha Ripper, The Cool Kids and Freddie Gibbs first happened (on Oil Money), I’m positive they all decided the name for their supergroup should be something that aggravates everyone. Thus, Pulled Over By The Cops was officially born. While you may expect some militant stances and anger from the quartet, their first leak Authority is laid back with stripped down production from Blended Babies and swinging vocals courtesy of singer Nate Santos. The only lesson to take home from this collaborative effort: how to avoid harassment by the boys in blue. From Chuck Inglish’ tasteful comparison of his police record to your grammy’s crib on a Sunday morning to Freddie Gibbs delivering messages straight from the county to Chip dishing on how 5-0 will love to knock some sense into your head even if you’re track speed fast on the block, each member of POBTC gives you a different tale, all worthy of praise. With Bun B also set to join the group on a few go-rounds, expect this Midwest supergroup to start taking names soon. If they can duck the authorities, that is.

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Written by Brando on 02/20/11

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Pulled Over By the Cops
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