PJ Katz - Marshall Applewhite

Artist: PJ Katz

Producer: PJ Katz

Album: 92 Renault Music

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Judging by the impressive number of five-star reviews that greeted his first Booth feature, A Blur, up-and-coming beatsmith PJ Katz has already accumulated a sizable cult following of clued-in hip-hop heads. Perhaps it’s appropriate, then, that the Albany native’s named his follow-up feature after an actual cult leader: namely Marshall Applewhite, the Heaven’s Gate leader who convinced his followers that consuming large quantities of barbituates would somehow help them hitch a ride on the Hale-Bopp comet. Thankfully, the record doesn’t involve any apocalyptic dogma or suicide pacts—just dope rhymes (courtesy of Giant Gorilla Dog Thing and Gorilla Tao) over a funky, sampled beat. Oh, and a live-action, rapping version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as seen in the official visuals. Fans can find this record and many more bangers on Katz’ 92 Renault Music tape, set to drop October 16, via Pig Food Records.

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Written by on 10/3/12

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"A Blur" (2012)

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