Phyzikal - Who Let Em In ft. Jazze Pha & The-Dream

Artist: Phyzikal

Featuring: Jazze Pha, The Dream

Producer: Jazze Pha

Album: TBA

Avg Rating: 32121 3.1 ( 33 votes )


One of the many advantages that women hold over men is their ability to be invited into any party or event, regardless of whether or not they know the host (or anyone in the place for that matter).  Typically, these uninvited moochers will use their good looks and tight frames to get their hands on free liquor, free food and access to the DJ Booth (hell yeah!).  Newly signed Def Jam artist Phyzikal, however, has had enough, and demands that these non-guests be removed.  On the same “Who Let Em In?” page is producer and guest artist, Jazze Pha, who provides a backdrop for the Fort Wayne, Indiana native to employ that good ‘ol voice box and some hook accompaniment from The-Dream.  They can kick ‘em out; we here at DJ Booth keep ‘em around.

PhyzikalJazze PhaThe Dream Club

Written by on 04/16/08

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