Phresh James ft. J NiCS - Down the Line

Artist: Phresh James

Featuring: J NICS

Producer: Bodega Creative Co.

Album: Universal Lve Period

Avg Rating: 43211 4.1 ( 12 votes )



A month has passed since Phresh James stepped into the Booth with post-breakup jam Lonely, but the Panhandle State repper is still neck-deep in the grieving process. On follow-up Down the Line, Bodega‘s moody acoustic-guitar samples (borrowed from Jose Gonzales’ tunes of the same title) set the stage for lyrical reflections on heartbreak from James and fellow Floridian J. NiCS. Phresh James’ Universal Lve Period street album is scheduled for release in December, and fans can look forward to the Booth-sponsored first installment of J. NiCS’ Southern N*ggas Ain’t Slow mixtape on November 14.

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Written by on Nov 04, 2011

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