Petey Pablo - Get Me Out Of Jail

Artist: Petey Pablo

Producer: Big D (Dade Town Records/Hustla Foundation)

Album: Proper Procedure: The New Entries (Summer 2007)


Petey Pablo, last scene making a cameo appearance in the movie Drum Line, is coming on strong with the new single, Get Me Out Of Jail.  The song is the first official release from his highly anticipated new album, Proper Procedure: The New Entries, which is slated to drop this summer.  Chances are, almost everyone on the planet has already heard the beat, even if you don’t know where its from.  Sampled from the 1980’s hit Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), by the electronic pop duo Eurythmics,  Petey delivers verse after verse of rapid fire lyrics over the heart thumping bass.  Appearing to have stepped his game up lyrically, if this first single is any indication of things to come, 2007 is gonna be a great year for Petey Pablo.

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Written by on Mar 28, 2007

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