Peter Jackson ft. Trinity Chris - Hustle From Born

Artist: Peter Jackson

Producer: Kid Ras Kalonji [for 868 Music]

Album: #FreshStartLP

Avg Rating: 32101 3.4 ( 5 votes )


Like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who composed his first musical works at the age of five, Pete Jackson never had time to question his purpose in life. As soon a the Toronto rhymesayer could walk and talk, he was already neck-deep in the hustle. On Hustle From Born, the second single off his next street album (and his first Booth feature since freestyle series contribution No Talking), he shows us where a lifetime of honing your talents can get you, lacing Kid Ras Kalonji‘s reggae-infused beat with gruff, self-assured autobiographical rhymes. Dancehall mainstay Trinity Chris lends his vocals to the record’s chorus. Like what you’re hearing? Stay tuned; Jackson’s #FreshStartLP is currently unscheduled for release, but Booth readers will be the first to know when that changes.

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Written by on Sep 21, 2012

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