Paul White x Homeboy Sandman - A Weird Day

Artist: Paul White

Featuring: Homeboy Sandman

Producer: Paul White

Album: Rapping With Paul White

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Anybody who’s traveled long distances via plane knows how disorientating time changes can be, especially if the jet setter lands at a distant continent with a very different culture. This is the tale that Homeboy Sandman tells over UK producer Paul White’s production on A Weird Day. The Sandman focuses primarily on the difference in slang even though both parties are speaking “English.” (Case in point, if a London resident asks for a “f*g” he’s talking about a cigarette, not using the derogatory term.) Production wise, Weird Day hits your eardrum with a wide open rock-like kick drum and well mixed synth lines for atmosphere, filled out with trippy sound bytes complimenting the “bad trip” subject matter. Save for the listener potentially wanting more of the story this track is absolutely complete – exactly the thing to get audiences interested in Paul White’s upcoming album, Rapping With Paul White.

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Written by on Sep 12, 2011

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