Papi Jamon - I Rise (Part 2)

Artist: Papi Jamon

Producer: Maja 7th

Album: Samoa Joe

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Usually, beginning with the sequel is a recipe for confusion – i.e., “Who is this Frodo guy and why is he going to all this trouble to drop a stupid ring into a volcano?” In the case of I Rise (Part 2), the latest single (and Booth debut) from Papi Jamon, first-time listeners don’t have to worry about getting lost: all you need to know is, the Chi-town native is on the come-up, and he’s determined to make it to the top of the game. Phew – so much for exposition. Backed by the bombastically brassy, retro-informed production stylings of Maja 7th, this finds Jamon chronicling his continuing efforts to get his foot in the door. In between touting his mic skills, dropping pop-culture allusions and taking aim at sucker emcees, Papi offers a little insight into his his quest for personal and artistic maturity. Constantly striving to elevate his game, this up-and-comer showcases a singlemindedness that’ll take him far in the industry. Like what you’re hearing? Fans can hear plenty more from this rising star on his Samoa Joe LP, released Tuesday and available now online.

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Written by on 10/13/10

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So City/Bettye Lee Music LLC

First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Phony Rappers" (2012)

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2 Songs

Papi Jamon


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