Papi Jamon - Phony Rappers

Artist: Papi Jamon

Producer: LoneGevity

Album: Connect Game EP

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It’s been close to two years since Chicago native Papi Jamon was last featured on The DJBooth (I Rise (Part 2)) and during this time the emcee has had the misfortune of dealing with the industry’s most dreaded group: Phony Rappers. Jamon, who is also a member of hip-hop groups The Nation and The Gray Area Crew, keeps things interesting on Phony while attacking a topic that has been touched on numerous times before. Also adding to the uniqueness of the single is a bit of dialogue that Jamon throws in halfway through the song (we won’t spoil it, you need to listen for yourself). Indianapolis producer LONEgevity gives Phony Rappers an authentic vintage sound, keeping the keys heavy and the bass booming. While Jamon’s forthcoming Connect Game EP is currently without a release date, his first project The Lines Are Drawn is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

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Written by Danielle H. on 08/8/12

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So City/Bettye Lee Music LLC

First DJ Booth Appearance:
"I Rise (Part 2)" (2010)

Total DJ Booth Features:
2 Songs

Papi Jamon


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