Palermo Stone - Milk & Honey

Artist: Palermo Stone

Producer: Hunnit Andretti

Album: The 2nd Coming

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Update: The David Newbury-directed visuals for Palermo Stone’s Milk & Honey single have been added.

Back in May of 2013, Palermo Stone made his grand entrance into the Booth with Freedom Writers, a lyrically-driven jam reflecting on music, the struggle, and the power of young people to change the world. On freshly-minted single Milk & Honey, the Pittsburgh repper gets a bit more philosophical. He kicks off the record by offering a take on morality that would make Friedrich Nietzsche proud ( “There is no good or evil. There’s only power and those too weak to seek it.”) and proceeds to sketch out his view of the world, in which two vast and impersonal forces vie for the soul of humanity. Hunnit Andretti provides a moody, sampled backdrop for his heady bars. Feeling it? This is just one of many thought-provoking jams on indie full-length The 2nd Coming, out now.

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Written by on 08/22/14

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First DJ Booth Appearance:
"Freedom Writers" (2013)

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Palermo Stone


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