Noel Gourdin - The River ft. Arama Brown

Artist: Noel Gourdin

Producer: Kay Gee

Album: After My Time

Avg Rating: 32101 3.8 ( 26 votes )


The natural evolution of the R&B genre has seen its rhythm component gradually triumph over its counterpart, the blues; singer Noel Gourdin has taken a different approach. While his voice may sound like a mid-90’s R. Kelly, his approach to music is stuck somewhere in the early 70’s, when greats like Al Green and Marvin Gaye ruled the charts with their heartwrenching crooning and down-home melodies.  In his debut single, The River (presumably referring to the Mississippi), Gourdin combines the themes of love, loss, and faith to create a track that could be just as readily performed from the pulpit as it could from the club stage.  Aided by former Naughty By Nature member Kay Gee, The River and the rest of Gourdin’s debut album, After My Time (out July 22), will surely please vintage R&B fans everywhere.

Noel Gourdin

Written by on 05/19/08

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Mass Appeal Ent./eOne

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"Beautiful" (2011)

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1 Songs

Noel Gourdin

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