Noah Bility ft. Dom O Briggs - [thebump]

Artist: Noah Bility

Producer: Suede Hernandez

Album: Alchemy

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Like a hip-hop version of Voltron, emcee Noah Bility, last spotted on these pages with his video for Smoke & Mirrors, has combined forces with producer Suede Hernandez to form the unstoppable rap force that is Champion’s Edition. For the duo’s latest release, [thebump], Suede lays down an appropriately bumping yet laid back beat for Noah to lay down some impressively complex word schemes over. Throw in guest rapper Dom O. Briggs’s “swag lyrics” and you’ve got a track fit for bumping in the audio delivery system of your choice. While we don’t have an exact date, Noah promises that his Alchemy album will drop before the end of July. Consider yourself warned.

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Written by on Jul 12, 2012

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