Nipsey Hussle - Change Nothing

Artist: Nipsey Hussle

Producer: 1500 Or Nothin

Album: TM3: Victory Lap

Avg Rating: 21021 2.4 ( 5 votes )


Nipsey Hussle‘s bank account may contain a few more zeroes than when he first picked up the mic, but don’t get it twisted; the extra dough ain’t Change Nothing about who he is. On this freshly-minted mixtape single, the West Coast mainstay pledges to keep grinding his way to the top of the hip-hop game, while remaining true to his South L.A. roots. 1500 Or Nothin handle production duties, incorporating a snippet from Aaliyah‘s classic One in a Million into their whip-ready instrumental. Featuring this cut, previous single Blessings and many more bangers, Hussle’s endlessly-delayed TM3: Victory Lap tape still lacks a solid drop date. Fans, however, can keep their browsers locked to the Booth for further singles and release details.

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Written by on 08/6/13

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