Nemo Achida - Forced Love

Artist: Nemo Achida

Producer: producedbysean

Album: Midnight Magic Extended

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There ain’t nothing worse than a blind date or an arranged marriage. I mean, how can you expect two people who have never met to instantly fall in love and be happy?  I can safely say that the only kind of Forced Love for me is Nemo Achida‘s latest Booth feature. Likewise, there ain’t nothing forced when it comes to Achida’s approach on the mic. While he maintains a unique cadence and a raspy flow that most emcees would struggle to blend with a softer beat, Achida sounds right at home spitting over producedbysean’s silky instrumental. Forced Love is one of four freshly-minted bonus tracks on the iTunes re-release of Achida’s Midnight Magic Extended album, out now for your purchasing pleasure.

Nemo Achida IndieLyrical

Written by on Oct 02, 2013

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