Nefew - Biko

Artist: Nefew

Featuring: Consequence

Producer: Nefew

Album: Homesick EP

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It’s a tragic fact of recent history that many of the most outspoken and influential proponents of civil rights were cut down before seeing their efforts bear fruit. On their first feature, the lead single off their forthcoming EP, Polemikk and PA-Double of Swiss hip-hop duo Nefew pay tribute to these heroes, including Steve Biko, a South African activist whose work against apartheid ultimately led to his murder at the hands of five police officers. Backed by their own old-school, sampled production, Nefew reflect on the ongoing battle against prejudice and social injustice. Northeastern street veteran Consequence steps up to the mic on the back end to deliver an intricately allegorical guest verse, and R&B singer Chanj ties the track together with a soulful chorus, paraphrasing abolitionist Frederick Douglass’ famous quote, “If there is no struggle there is no progress…” For more smart, socially-conscious jams from Nefew, grab a copy of Homesick, scheduled to hit iTunes early next month.


Written by on 11/16/09

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