Neako - The Inevitable

Artist: Neako

Producer: Neako

Album: T.A.T.T. [These Are The Times]

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When you’re as talented and hard-working as Neako, success is practically written into your destiny—it’s only a mater of time before The Inevitable occurs. Don’t believe me? Just take listen to the inaugural leak off his forthcoming mixtape, which finds the New Jersey representative chronicling his hustle over his own cinematic, rock-infused synth boardwork (featuring strings by Stork and flute by FluterScooter). T.A.T.T. [These Are The Times] has yet to receive a solid drop date, but fans will be able to keep tabs on Neako’s progress via his web video series of the same name, launching in the near future.

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Written by on Jan 17, 2012

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