Naughty Boy ft. ROMANS - Home

Artist: Naughty Boy

Producer: Naughty Boy

Album: Hotel Cabana

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When it comes to long trips the ride back home always seems to be significantly shorter than the venture out. However, a comforting voice ensuring that it won’t be long before you arrive at your humble abode couldn’t hurt. If you decide to take any longer than usual trips this weekend, let the soundtrack for the second half of your trek be Home, the latest offering from producer Naughty Boy. The Charleston native switches things up from a simple, spunky drum beat to a full gospel outfit for guest singer ROMANS to belt out his encouraging words. All of a sudden, that road trip across America doesn’t seem so bad after all. Home, along with the previously-released hit single La La La, will be found on the US version of NB’s upcoming Virgin Records-released album, Hotel Cabana, out May 6.

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Written by on May 02, 2014

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