Naturally Born Strangers - Tie Breaker

Artist: Naturally Born Strangers

Featuring: Rich Kidd, Tona

Producer: Rich Kidd

Album: TheLegendsLeague Presents: Naturally Born Strangers

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If you and a homie are debating whether to listen to the Natural Born Strangers’ debut feature or not, allow me to be the Tie Breaker; without a doubt, this record deserves your attention. Made up of Booth regulars Rich Kidd and Tona and newcomer Adam Bomb (T-Dot reppers all three), the crew prove their mettle as storytellers on this pensive single. With Rich Kidd’s operatic samples and swung boom-bap rhythm as their canvas, Bomb and Tona paint vivid lyrical portraits of a vengeful wannabe thug and young woman with hoop dreams. Like what you’re hearing? Then what are you waiting for—click here to cop their latest project, TheLegendsLeague Presents: Naturally Born Strangers, for free via Audiomack!

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Written by on Dec 12, 2013

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