Nas - Be A N*gger Too

Artist: Nas

Producer: Salaam Remi and Big Jack

Album: N*gger

Avg Rating: 43211 4.0 ( 121 votes )


Racism exists in America and Nas knows it.  For that reason, among several others that the iconic rapper has mentioned in various interviews, he will title his new album N*gger.  After listing the various hate crimes that have been performed to his fellow “n*ggers,” the Queensbridge born MC rhetorically and sarcastically asks, “Wouldn’t you like to be a n*gger too?”  On this, the first single to be released off the aforementioned new album, Nas controversially drops racist slurs heard by Jews, Italians, Hispanics and Asians in this play on the famous Dr. Pepper “Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Pepper Too” advertising campaign.  Nas’ label, Def Jam, has not set a release date for N*gger.


Written by on 04/21/08

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