Naomi Pilgrim - House of Dreams

Artist: Naomi Pilgrim

Producer: Fredrik Okazaki

Album: House of Dreams EP

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Though Naomi Pilgrim‘s first Booth feature, hard-luck anthem No Gun, won positive reviews when it hit our front page back in October, the Barbados/Sweden dual representative has taken her sweet time getting back to us with a follow-up. Now we know why: she’s been busy dancing alone to “underground beats” in her House of Dreams. Pilgrim’s vocals on this freshly-minted single are as charming as ever, but the real star is producer Frederik Okaziki; with a stuttering rhythm section and one of the most distinctive chord progressions I’ve head in a hot minute, his beat is as addictive as it is unconventional. House of Dreams is the title track off Naomi Pilgrim’s new EP, available now in a limited edition 12” vinyl format.

Naomi Pilgrim R&B/PopIndie

Written by on May 21, 2014

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