Nadia Nair - Monika The Brave

Artist: Nadia Nair

Producer: Victor Rådström

Album: The Bon Voyage EP

Avg Rating: 21021 2.5 ( 4 votes ) is primarily a website that features hip-hop and R&B, but truth be told we love all kinds of music… as long as the quality is top notch. For example, Monkia The Brave, the latest from Sweden’s own Nadia Nair, wouldn’t be traditionally classified as “urban music,” but it is most certainly awesome, which is why we knew we must share it with our readers. Producer Victor Rådström creates an impressive landscape for Nair’s vocal performance, placing a unique vocal chop atop a catchy, accelerated instrumental that gives the track a pop/rock feel. It’s Nadia’s vocals, however, that truly command your attention. Her fiery, impassioned performance gives an otherwise bubble-gummy effort a strong, at times punk-esque edge. A fan of Monika The Brave? There is much more where it came from on Nair’s newly-released EP, The Bon Voyage, out now.

Nadia Nair R&B/PopIndie

Written by Lucas G. on 05/31/13

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"Bon Voyage" (2013)

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1 Songs

Nadia Nair


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