Nadia Nair - Bon Voyage

Artist: Nadia Nair

Producer: Victor Rådström

Album: Untitled EP

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An up-and-coming singer/songwriter hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, Booth newcomer Nadia Nair boasts a style so unique that she had to coin a new genre label to describe it: Voodoo Music. What does it sound like, you ask? It’s tough to say based on a single record but, if lead EP single Bon Voyage is any indication, blues-rock, electro-pop and soul are some of the main ingredients in the mix. Over Push Play beatsmith Victor Rådström‘s instrumental, an atmospheric arrangement which builds from a spare, crunching guitar riff to a colossal, synth-laced chorus, the singer addresses cryptic, yet sultry verses to a potential suitor. Majaq Julén‘s stylish, black-and-white visuals round out the package. The EP to which this cut will be attached has yet to receive a drop date, but those who like what they’re hearing can keep it locked for all the latest from this talented newcomer.

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Written by on 02/13/13

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"Monika The Brave" (2013)

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Nadia Nair


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