Mvstermind - Nimbus Bomb

Artist: Mvstermind

Producer: Mvstermind

Album: A-Double-D

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It’s been a hot minute since last we heard from Mvstermvnd. Presumably, the St. Louis rapper/producer’s been busy at his NineTwoFive. With the holidays fast approaching, he’s finally found time to take a break from the day job and bring us a fresh feature. While instrumental single Nimbus Bomb was conceived as a remix of January’s non-featured Nimbus, the makeover is so thorough that it can essentially be regarded as its own track. A sped-up sample of the aforementioned joint’s Autotuned hook (the only vocals present here) mixes with glittering synths and trendy trap percussion to form a finished product that’s as ear-pleasing as it is eclectic. Like what you’re hearing? More awaits on Mvstermvnd’s A-Double-D mixtape, scheduled for digital release in late winter 2014.

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Written by on Dec 09, 2013

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