MURS - Varsity Blues 2

Artist: MURS

Producer: Aesop Rock

Album: Varsity Blues 2

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Don’t be afraid children, James Van Der Beek will not be screaming with a backwoods accent in this blurb (by the way, only about 89% of the south actually speaks like that). This Varsity Blues 2 is much better than any country football remake, as L.A. veteran Murs once again takes the stage to write a somber note to fans and sleepers alike. With the very talented Aesop Rock working the boards, the duo manage to produce one of the heaviest tracks I’ve heard in a minute as Murs reveals the anxiety and pressure that take over his brain when the grind of the music industry takes its toll: “They say I’m at my best when I’m most stressed out/ It’s like I only see success when I’m wrestling with doubt.” In other words, if you’re looking for some disposable pop, keep looking. If this record is any indication, his latest album - also entitled Varsity Blues 2, and a follow up to ‘02s Varsity Blues-  will be one sequel that lives up to the original. Stay tuned for more from your local neighborhood

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Written by on 01/13/11

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