Mr. Finley - That’s Real Sh*t

Artist: Mr. Finley

Producer: Pen and Pad Productions

Album: No Sleep Til Vegas

Avg Rating: 32101 3.8 ( 5 votes )


I’d like to think all the Boothies out their have a bullsh*t radar than easily detects all the fake emcees who act tough on the mic, but in realty are softer than a mattress. Those radars won’t be needed for the latest from Mr. Finley because his latest, That’s Real Sh*t, is…well…real sh*t.  Over a slick Pen and Pad Productions beat that features a string based track that has some trap brushstrokes and a well placed Malcolm X sample, Finley, a Vegas native, gives you fakes a dose of truth, sharing some of the knowledge he has learned from grinding in Sin City. With a passionate, grimy flow and a set of black and white visuals, allowing you to walk a mile in his shoes, its clear that Finley doesn’t just spit about that life, he lives it. That’s Real Sh*t will appear on the Ghet-O-Vision signee’s No Sleep Til Vegas project, coming soon.

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Written by Lucas G. on 03/21/13

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