Money Making Jam Boys - Tear It Down

Artist: Money Making Jam Boys

Producer: Khari Mateen

Album: Untitled Debut Mixtape

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If you turn on your radio to your local hip-hop station, more likely than not you’ll hear something more like bubble gum pouring through your speakers. Now there’s nothing wrong with the occasional catchy tune, but wouldn’t it be great if radio actually displayed some diversity and played music like the Money Making Jam BoysTear It Down? MMJB, comprised of Roots frontman Black Thought, along with Dice Raw, P.O.R.N., STS and Truck North, are making their collective debut with Tear It Down, an instantly engaging cut produced by Khari Mateen, who supplies no shortage of high-hat heavy percussion and head-nodding horns. And with that many top flight emcees on deck, I don’t think I even have to vouch for the quality of the lyrical side of the equation. So with those facts in place, all we’re really left with are a couple questions. Who delivered the best mic performance? What will the title of the Money Making Jam Boys mixtape be, and when will it drop? The first question’s up to you, the second will be answered by DJBooth asap. Keep it locked.

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Written by Jay Flowins on 01/11/11

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Money Making Jam Boys


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