Miriam Bryant - Push Play

Artist: Miriam Bryant

Producer: Victor Rådström

Album: Raised In Rain

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There are many ways for an emerging artist to get clicks from potential fans: collaborating with a known quantity, cultivating a controversial image, et cetera. Booth newcomer Miriam Bryant? She prefers the direct route. Listeners who do as the title of the Swedish singer/songwriter’s latest single says and Push Play are unlikely to regret their decision. Featuring an emotionally-charged vocal performance from the 21-year-old artist and some sweeping, maximalist production by Victor Rådström, the record seems to have all the makings of a hit. Or do my ears deceive me? As always, Booth readers get to lay down the final verdict. Push Play is set for inclusion on forthcoming full-length Raised in Rain, scheduled to drop March 25, in Scandinavian countries and April 26, in Germany. There’s no word yet on a Stateside drop date, but y’all will be the first to know if and when that changes.

Miriam Bryant R&B/Pop

Written by on 02/8/13

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Miriam Bryant


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