Minty Burns - Higher Grounds

Artist: Minty Burns

Featuring: Christian'Dee

Producer: Caddy Of The Sky

Album: The Golden Ticket

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As an up-and-coming rapper striving to carve out his niche in the hip-hop game, Minty Burns isn’t exactly in a position to settle down just yet. Lately, though, his girl’s been trying to take over his life, as well as his bank account. On new single Higher Ground, the T-Dot rhymesayer formerly known as Jr. Mint punctures her delusions as gently as he’s able, making clear that, for the moment, his career’s going to have to be priority numero uno. Joining the headliner over Caddy Of The Sky‘s head-noddable sample work, Shreveport, L.A.‘s Christian’Dee describes his own romantic situation in a deftly-flowed closing 16. Long-awaited mixtape The Golden Ticket still awaits a drop date, but we’ll keep you supplied with further singles and release details as they emerge.

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Written by on 02/18/14

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