Mine+Us & DJ Hoppa - Detox

Artist: Mine+Us & DJ Hoppa

Producer: DJ Hoppa

Album: Everything is A-Okay

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If you ask Mine+Us and DJ Hoppa, the hip-hop game needs Detox. No, I’m not talking about Dr. Dre‘s mythical junior set. Disgusted by the state of the game today, the Arizona duo would like to see the genre put under lock and key till it’s sweated out all the harmful substances—materialism, political complacency, gun talk, unoriginality—currently polluting the airwaves. Critiques aren’t all they have to offer, however; Mine’s incisive bars, delivered over Hoppa’s soul-sampled production should be just the thing to satisfy those looking for an alternative to the status quo. EKP Pictures provides visuals to complement the cut. If you’re digging it, you can look forward to plenty more where this came from on the duo’s Everything Is A-Okay LP, released August 7, and available now for purchase on iTunes.

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Written by on 10/24/12

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Broken Complex Records

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"Everything is A-Okay" (2012)

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Mine+Us & DJ Hoppa


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