Elvis "Blac Elvis" Williams

Just as we were beginning to figure out exactly why MIMS was hot, he disappeared.  The Washington Heights, Manhattan native recently roared back into the spotlight, however, with the Junior Reid-assisted Barock Star, which gained mega attention and set the tone for his currently-untitled sophomore follow-up.  Past the politics, MIMS is headed straight to the club in search of some Donkie Booty; the type he could see even if he was “blind like Stevie Wonder.” With above-average lyrical skill for a booty anthem, a chorus from Trey Songz, and production from Elvis “Blac Elvis” Williams (who previously helped Songz with This Is The Life) Donkie Booty could become a hit sooner than later.  Enough to make MIMS hot again, you ask?  Let’s see if Capitol Records promotes this potential club anthem.

MIMSTrey Songz Club

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Posted 7 years ago

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