Milo&Otis - Tiny Soldiers

Artist: M&O

Producer: Milo&Otis

Album: The Joy

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A Windy City alt-soul duo who met as freshmen at Brown University, Milo&Otis make their first foray into The DJBooth with a freshly-selected single off their debut set. Written, produced, recorded, mixed and engineered entirely in-house, Tiny Soldiers extends the oft-cited analogy between love and war to the realm of breakups. Over a sparse, yet catchy instrumental driven by syncopated percussion and a cappella-style vocal harmonies, singer Milo depicts her struggle to erase all memory of an ex as a conflict between minuscule armies on the battleground of her psyche. Has this emotionally-charged cut left you craving more? You’ll find what you seek on Milo&Otis’ The Joy LP, released last May and available now for digital purchase via Bandcamp.

M&O Alternative

Written by on Feb 11, 2013

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