Miles Marquee - Virgen Mary

Artist: Miles Marquee

Producer: Jerry Parker

Album: The Quee's

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First things first: yes, the spelling error in the title of Miles Marquee‘s latest feature is intentional. Orthographical quirks aside, though, album lead single Virgen Mary is an appropriately dope entrée into the Motown rhymesayer’s official debut set. Frequent collaborator Jerry Parker takes us to church on the production tip, layering quavering organ chords and melismatic soul vocals over a syncopated breakbeat as the Booth regular blesses the mic with his usual witty wordplay and tightly-wound flows. There is, as yet, no set release date for The Quee’s, but those feeling Virgen Mary can stay tuned for further details and fresh tunes as they emerge.

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Written by on Mar 22, 2013

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