Mike Schpitz x Sincerely Yours x Neak - Jockin’

Artist: Mike Schpitz

Featuring: Neak, Sincerely Yours

Producer: Slot-A

Album: #illRaps Series (Installment 7)

Avg Rating: 32101 3.8 ( 6 votes )



The problem of hatin’ may get all the press, but no less prevalent in today’s game is Jockin’, a related phenomenon in which talented artists are subjected to egregious levels of imitation and obsessive attention. Following in the footsteps of Tone Tone and Jay-Z, Mike Schpitz does his part to raise awareness on installment #7 in the ongoing #illRaps series. Here, the upbeat chopped-soul boardwork (complete with an entertainingly obscene sampled hook) of Slot-A sets the stage for a little lyrical venting from the freestyle series contributor and two fellow jock-ees. After the headliner vents his frustration with his peers’ unseemly behavior, Windy City neighbor Sincerely Yours and reader fave/fellow freestyle alum Neak chime in to commiserate, seasoning their verses with engaging imagery and punchlines: “You ready for the recipe? You wouldn’t understand, how to make these fellas jelly every time they hear me jam.” While I have a feeling this banger won’t dissuade the jockin-inclined, it will undoubtedly succeed in its secondary mission: to keep fans coming back for future entries in their weekly #illRaps series.

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Written by on Feb 17, 2011

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